Thursday, October 2, 2014

Little Banner Flags in Black or White Font

Hi everyone! I've been so busy lately, but I've got a whole series of planner stickers coming your way.
The first one I have up are these little banner flags. You can place them in the upper right hand corner of your box before you make a list, or on the side bar. These are perfect for making lists easily. I have included the following:
  • Tidy Up
  • To Go
  • To Pay
  • To Call
  • To Write
  • To Buy
  • Don't Forget
  • Goals
  • Study
  • Menu Plan
  • & To Watch

Be sure to stay tuned as I post more stickers including:
  • Work Flags Stickers
  • Pet Care Stickers
  • Special Event Banners
  • Arrow Reminders Stickers
  • & Year Round Holiday Stickers 
You can also download similar ones that I've previously posted here:

Sticker Makers & Sticker Paper

Check out my blog post on How To Make Printables into Stickers here

Banner Flags (Black)
White Banner Flags

If you do end up using these I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wenduhh_plans or #mswenduhhblog

 Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead please send your friends here to download my free printables, thank you.


Nicole said...

Oh. my. goodness Ms. Wenda, you are so generous with us planner addicts. THANK YOU! These are perfect.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

These are wonderful - thank you! I'm wondering if you could do a set of blank ones in your series too... Or possibily editable labels? I love your style!

Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

Just wanted to say thank you! I have downloaded several of your freebies and am going to print this week. Really appreciate your generosity! :)

Marina Koch said...

wow. best idea ever!! love this

TOM MCANA said...

It is very nice idea for banner printing in white and black color font.

KennyThe Printer said...

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Dpi Print Blog said...

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Justine said...

I love all of your free printables! Just wondering if there was a way to customize these banners? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!! I absolutely LOVE these. But for some reason I can't seem to print these flags. I keep getting an error messages saying the document could not be printed, there were no pages selected, and there was a writing error. :(

Wenda ♥ said...

A lot of people have said downloading the file to the computer first before printing has worked for them. Try that out and let me know

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