Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party with Files/Printables

After months of planning and doing everything little by little, the Big Day for my son has quickly come and gone. I am glad the way everything turned out! With help of some acrylic paint, cardboard, backdrops (fabric and shower curtains), and a lot of printables, I was able to create the perfect dr. seuss themed birthday party! Here are pictures of the party! I was completely inspired by pinterest!

I also absolutely loved his Dr. Seuss Birthday Outfit! I bought his suspenders and bow tie from, and his blue skinny jeans were from old navy, it fit so well with his theme!

All Files will be on the bottom! Help Yourself!

His birthday outfit!

suspenders and bowtie from

main table with printable food cards made by me!

photobooth and favors table

dr. seuss sign made with posterboard and ribbon!

easy decor  using streamers!

kid activity center with markers & crayons
 Inside these books were just printable coloring pages, mazes, and connect the dots that I all found for free online!

birthday boy and momma

Dr. Seuss quotes framed in ikea frames all over the house!

Stripey straws from

smiley boy!

My family!

Birthday cake made by my sis in law!

High Chair Banner designed by me!

Had to have the hat!

Pinata time!
Pin the Hat on the cat! Hand drawn by me!

Yay Pierce! You did it!

Goody Bag time!

End of the night! too much cake...

Guest book - I used a photo book of his first year!

Photoshop files can be edited...

Pin the Hat on the Cat Picture:
pin the hat
cats hat

Food (photoshop files):
blue dots
red stripes
yellow dots

Food (JPG):
jerry jordan's pb&j sandwich
sweet gack tea
silly sammy slick's skittles
green mint chip cookies
c..c..c..chocolate chip cookies
roll, eggs, roll
hop on pop cake pops

HIgh Chair Banner (photoshop):
I high chair
am high chair
one high chair

High Chair Banner (JPG):
"I" high chair banner
"AM" High chair banner
"ONE" high chair banner

Photobooth Props: just tape a wooden stick to it & voila!
oh what fun speech bubble
thing 1
thing 2
lorax mustache
blank bubble write your own message!
blank bubble 2

Kid Activity Book Print/Fold Ready (PDF):
maze and coloring page
more coloring pages


Anonymous said...

Thanks what a great post!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous you are so generous !!!

Sam Dull said...

I'm going to be featuring your photo booths next week! Great post!

The Kitchen is My Dance Floor

Anonymous said...

You just saved me $75! Someone was selling these on Kijiji. Thanks to you I can do them on my own!

Anonymous said...

omg just perrrrrrfect!!! Thank you SOOOO much for the ideas. After a rough day, this put a smile on my face :) I don't even know where to start

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the printables! I really appreciate this and I'm sure my daughter will love her Dr. Seuss Party!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the printables , saved me a ton of money. Really appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post!!! Beautiful party and thanks so much for sharing your files!!!

Anonymous said...

I am doing my twin girls birthday and this is a big help!!! We are on a very tight budget and this helps out a lot!!! tank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love what you did and this is my son's theme...but all of the links say "file not found"? Thanks!

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