Saturday, July 19, 2014

How To Get A Scheduled Routine Going for Stay at Home Moms Plus Tips & a Routine Template Download

I have been trying so hard to get used to a scheduled routine with my boys. Without it I would not find the time to do anything. 

My Scheduled Routine Tips: 
    •  Set a timer or reminder on your phone. Timing is very important so that you don't spend too much or too little time on one thing
    •  Make a list of your day with the time you want to spend on each task. I listed everything as a reminder on my phone and set it to repeat every day. 
  • I hate when I spend too many hours on one thing too, you need to distribute your time well. 
      • A little each day is the best way 
      • That goes for cleaning, blogging and such. 
      • Every time I saw this I would finish up what I was doing and start this next task!
  •  As the day went on I would get a reminder but I had to keep adjusting the times a bit until it was just right 
    • For example I first had breakfast timed from 8:10 am to 8:45 am but cooking it and eating took way longer so I had to extend it and make my next task start later
  • Write it down. Writing things down or having a hard copy of your schedule makes it easier to remember.  

  • Here is a template of this routine schedule for you to download! (open with microsoft word publisher, and my font is penelope anne) 
    • It starts at 7AM and ends at Midnight, you can adjust the colors by highlighting the cells and then going to table layout on top and click on "shading"
    • You can also split the description boxes depending on your routine by "splitting the cell" 

  • Click here to download a printable version that you can fill in by hand.
      • Before this schedule I would lounge around all day and barely get anything done. 
    • Break it down: If you have a big project and you feel like it's impossible to tackle, just break it down into parts. Do things one at a time, instead of trying to multitask, and it'll make it much easier to get done!
    Additional notes:
    • You will never have time unless you make it
    •  When you have a routine set out like this and make it a daily habit it starts become second nature to you
    • Of course every day won't always go as planned, but like everything with practice you will get used to it. 
    • The hardest for me was making a habit out of doing my morning yoga and working out in the evening. 
      • Yoga only takes about 10 minutes yet I never took the time to do it! 
      • Hopefully now with my schedule it becomes a good habit that I learn. 

      • I also made this awesome chore chart for my son so it was like a triple reminder!
      • This morning I tried it out for the first time. At first he was playing with it, but I told that he can only put it up once he did those chores. 
      • Right away he looked at the pictures and said brush teeth? And I said did you brush your teeth? And he went to the sink and started brushing his teeth! 
      • Then he came back all excitedly and I said "now you can put it up!" And he did and I showed the star that said well done and he went on to do that for every task! 
      • I got this idea from several Pinterest posts Heres a great tutorial on it
      • I made my own printable using images from these sites:
        •  To download my version click below
            • just cut along the lines and glue or tape to cardstock paper (see below)

    Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you!



      Heather Garcia said...

      Wenda, please help! Where can I find that wonderful morning/night routine template of yours? I need to plan my day before holding my boys accountable, and I love your 15-min increment schedule! Help! And thank you this post is awesome!!!

      Wenda ♥ said...

      I will post the word file for you on here ASAP!

      Heather Garcia said...

      Wenda you are awesome awesome awesome!! Thank you so much! And what great instruction on how to fill in too!

      Anonymous said...

      Would you share your morning/night routine? I tried zooming in and its blurring. My biggest problem on my days off with the kids is getting down a good fluid routine that lets me do things with them and things I need to do. I'd love to use yours as a template and adjust it.

      Susan McDaniel said...

      This is great! I am a parenting coach and I'm always trying to get parents to replace chaos with routines.
      You are very creative!

      Susan McDaniel said...

      This is great! I am a parenting coach and I'm always teaching parents to replace chaos with routines. You are very creative!

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