Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Filofax vs. Kikki-K Planner Sizes

I have recently talked to one of my followers on Instagram and saw that she was printing personal sized printables for her "personal" Kikki-K planner. Except her Kikki-K was actually A5 sized!

Planner sizes can be confusing, especially if you are totally new to the filofax and planner world!

I am hopefully going to show you the different sizes and how they compare to each other!

Common Filofax Sizes

Personally I don't know all of the sizes but these are what I do know:

  • A5  - this is the bigger desk size planner  ( 235mm x 195mm x 43mm)
  • Personal  - this is the medium sized planner (190mm x 135mm)
  • Compact - these are the same size as a personal just with smaller, tighter rings.
  • Pocket  - the small cute squarish planner ( 150mm x 115mm)
  • & Mini  - even smaller!
A5 size
Kikki-K Personal Berry vs. Personal Size
Kikki-K Time Planner Small vs Filofax Pocket

Kikki-K Sizes

Kikki-K has their "Personal Planners" line but don't confuse it with personal size! These planners come with the snap closure and are in the berry, grey, mint, lilac, black, and gold colors (as of right now). I have the "Berry Personal Planner" and these planners are all A5 sized!

They also have the "Time Planners" that come out about once a year in the fall. Last year's were the mint and gold dots. Their newest line this year are the lilac and gold diamonds time planners. These come with an elastic strap.

These Time Planners come in these sizes:
  • Large (240mm x 190mm)
  • Medium (188mm x 145mm)
  • Small (141mm x 108mm)

Comparing Sizes

They vary in sizes from planner to planner but in general they are all the same. Look at the table below to compare the sizes.

Here is a picture of the A5 - Personal - & Pocket side by side

If you are looking to put your Erin Condren Planner inside of a ring binder the A5 size,  Kikki-K Large Time Planner or the Kikki-K Personal Planner will all work. Here is how I did it

I hope this helped you out a bit! Good Luck and Happy Planning!


Steve Morton said...

Are the page sizes the same in each case? Can you please add a comparison in mm.

Wenda ♥ said...

Yes the paper sizes are the same. That's a good idea, I will add the page sizes to this post! Thanks for asking!

Steve Morton said...

Thanks, and I guess the ring spacings are the same as well

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me if this is one of the personal planners you are talking about that is more the A5 size?


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