Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daily Expenses Worksheet Printable

This should have been made with the Financial/Budget Printables, but I didn't think about it til now. I wanted a way where I can see all of my spending on one page and track all of my spending. I know it says Daily Expenses, but it's more of a check register as well to see what you also receive and your total. Before I was color coding all of my spending in the monthly view (here I wrote check marks in the color code category) and weekly view (where I usually just wrote where I spent the money and how much). But now I will probably continue with that as well as color code it in this worksheet, and I like that I can see what I am also getting in and how much I have left.

The free printable has the date, description, how much you spent, how much you received, the total, and if it was a need or want. Here is a free printable for you to track yours!

f you do end up using these I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wenduhh_plans or #mswenduhhblog 

How to use this:

Date: the day that you spent/received money
Description: What you spent/received your money on, for example, "planner goodies at target"
Spent: Dollar amount that you spent
Received: if you received, dollar amount that you received
Total: the total amount that you have left in your checking/cash (you don't necessarily need to fill this in but it's a good way to see your total if you want)
Need: was this purchase necessary? Did you absolutely need it? Then place a check mark here!
Want: Was this just for fun, something that you just wanted to spend on? (this is a great way to see how much you actually spend on needs or wants)

Download Here:

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead please send your friends here to download my free printables, thank you.

Thanks for reading!


NoelaniNaki said...

im having trouble printing these as a pocket sz >.<

Wenda ♥ said...

Do you cut your paper first ? Whenever I do that, my printer always jams. So I just print it on full paper and then flip and print it on the opposite side. It wastes paper but it works best for me. Then I just cut around it to 120mm by 81mm

Nan said...

Is the link for pocket correct? Every time I try to print it, it comes out as A5 size. This is the only file I'm having problems with. I just printed out a bunch of your other lovely printables without any problems.

Wenda ♥ said...

Do you perhaps have the printer settings set to fit paper size on a5 maybe? I just tested it and it came out pocket size fine. You have to make sure the printer settings are set to 100% or actual size. Sometimes downloading it to your computer works better for some users as well. hope that helps!

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