Monday, February 9, 2015

Silhouette Print & Cut Tutorial Series: How to Trace, Offset & Cut Around Any Image!

Do you often get frustrated when trying to cut an image you found on the internet? It always cuts the white background with it! So all you're left with is just a square instead of the actual shape around the whole image. One way to get your images cut around an image is by using SVG files with the designer edition. But sometimes you just can't SVG files for some images. So today I will show you how to do it without having to upgrade or find any SVG files! You can use JPG or PNG files and easily cut around the images using the trace and offset features!

In my previous tutorial I showed you the basic print and cut tutorial here, this week I will show you how to trace.offset and cut around any image! and please stay tuned for next week where I will show you more about registration marks and tips on getting perfect cuts!

Step 1: Find any image you want to print and cut. My favorite place to go to for free images and icons is! There you can download SVG files as well! But for the sake of this tutorial I will be working with just the JPG file.

Step 2: Drag your downloaded image into Silhouette Studio

Step 3: Click on the square icon with a little green box inside. (trace window)

Step 4: Highlight around the image that you would like to create a cut line around

Step 5: after tracing you will the red cut line around the image

Step 6: Offsetting. To cut around the image, offset it by going to the offset window and changing the distance until you like where the cut line would be.

Step 7: drag the images away so you can see the offset and traced cut lines.

Step 8: erase the inner (trace) cut lines so your image isn't cropped like so

Step 9: Line up the image and cut line then select both of them

Step 10: Cropping. Go to the modify window and crop it


I hope this pictorial was useful! Now there is more potential for you and you silhouette machine! You can print and cut any image you'd like! To see the basic print and cut tutorial go here, and stay tuned for next week where I will show you more about registration marks and tips on getting perfect cuts!

If you do end up using these I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wenduhh_plans or #mswenduhhblog
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Anonymous said...

This is literally the most helpful blog post I've ever stumbled upon. Thank you so much for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for killing the sticker businesss. There is a reason we don't share this info. I am pretty sure this is going to kill your business

Wenda ♥ said...

I believe if you are going to invest in a Silhouette machine you would want to make your own stickers anyway. The trace feature is there for a reason and people will learn about it one way or another(I can name several blogs and YouTube videos off the bat.) It's the unique designs that can't be copied, which will still draw numerous sales. Customers who truly support you for your designs and hard work will always come back. I support other etsy shops by buying their stickers even if I can create my own. But it's the fact that I respect their original work and creativity that brings me back to shop for more stickers.

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